Advantage and disadvantage of Doing Kristin Cavallari Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is now the choice of women to beautify their faces. One of the countries famous for plastic surgery is America. Especially for artist such as Kristin Cavallari is willing to face a variety of scalpel for the dream face. Generally women do plastic surgery on the eyes, nose and chin. The following stages are the Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery on the eyes and nose. This plastic surgery is also be done by other women although it is criticized by people as being considered too ‘fake’. Before surgery, basically people have narrowed eye and a nose that tend to pug. Healing process after surgery, the woman’s petals swell while the nose is still covered with bandages. When starting to heal, it is still swollen on the part of the eye and the face after the bandage on the nose is removed. Her nose is now sharper. Her eye begins to grow but still looks swollen. Final result, plastic surgery is very different than before surgery. This woman looks much prettier and more youthful.

However, there are some effects of Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery that you should know. Unlike other surgery, this plastic surgery has some side-effects. It also makes people worry when appearing to those users of this plastic surgery service. Plastic surgery today is no longer a taboo subject. Not just an artist who is willing to spend deeply to perform a series of plastic surgery procedures, even among ordinary people are now flocked to go to the beauty clinic to do surgery on their faces.

Besides artist such as Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery, it is usual that teenage girls get a gift of ‘tickets’ for plastic surgery from their parents in order to look good. As you know, the cost of plastic surgery itself is not cheap. Much preparation has to be done before, whether mental or material. Many people in our country are willing to feel the pain slashed by this scalpel in order to get perfection appearance. Even women say that they prefer to live poor rather than live the bad lives. Therefore, how the side effects of plastic surgery itself? Is it good for health? What is the long-term impact of people who have undergone plastic surgery? People who do plastic surgery must be ready when the parts of her body dissected, sliced, stitched, injected, and so on. It is true that the operation goes smoothly, the results are worth it. But have you ever imagined how sick the body after a plastic surgery? There are even some people who have to lie in bed for days in order to undergo a period of recovery. Obviously, it really makes you feel uncomfortable.

Deciding doing plastic surgery means that you have to be 100 percent ready with all the bad possibilities. Why is that? The extraordinary pain when undergoing plastic surgery will certainly cause prolonged trauma. Supposing there are objects or foreign substances inserted into the body, of course in addition to physical rebellion, you psychologically would feel shocked and depressed. Not only that, you have to prepare mentally if plastic surgery failed or not according to your expectations. You will be reviled by the public because it has a disproportionate face or body for example. However, do not be hasty first if the result is satisfactory. This plastic surgery can cause an addiction effect for the perpetrators. The limit is only one, money. Therefore, how long do you want to waste money for beauty? Beauty is temporary and unnatural.

All the former incision and post-plastic surgery stitches are not expected to heal in a quick time such as what happened in Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery. The recovery process sometimes takes weeks. Any pain-relieving drugs will not be able to wipe out the pain. It’s sick, the stitches have an impression and even though it is recovered will someday be back pain again. If wrong in any procedure, it can cause paralysis of facial muscles and reduces function of our body organs.

Blepharoplasty results in impaired eye ability. Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to reduce fat in the under-eye area. Guess what happened to a woman after doing this procedure? The surgeon turned out to make a mistake that made her unable to close her eyes normally. She is hard to close her eyes, and even to blink the eyes was very difficult. Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery did a facelift complained of an unnatural movement on her face. Facelift itself was expected to tighten the face. However, this woman is seizure and her eyes are often pulsed uncontrollably. Did you know? The inappropriately plastic surgery procedures and implants are able to lead to complications. For example is a girl in Philadelphia who suffered complications until she finally died for going to the clinic carelessly.

If you feel the need to do plastic surgery like Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery, take advantage of the benefits of plastic surgery and enjoy your life with renewal. Besides physical benefits, a person undergoing plastic surgery also gets many benefits of plastic surgery from a psychological angle. People who undergo plastic surgery like liposuction will feel more comfortable with their clothes. They feel more confident and energetic to participate in physical activities that they cannot afford before the operation. Plastic surgery can open new doors for them, previously blocked by certain disorders. Someone who undergoes plastic surgery becomes more confident, which is a lifelong advantage in terms of the psychological side.

Viewed from a physical angle, the benefits of plastic surgery is a natural body proportion. This can improve the effects of aging and sun exposure, which gives a new appearance to a person. To improve the effects of aging, facial rejuvenation procedures such as facial implants, and chemical peels can be done. This will help to restore the appearance to make the patients look younger. The women, having undergone a fat reduction operation on the chest, also help to overcome the symptoms of neck pain, headache, and lower back pain. Therefore, if you want to do plastic surgery like Kristin Cavallari plastic surgery, you have to think first about the advantage and disadvantage of doing this.

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