Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before & After


Oh yes, we know well that Al Pacino not only famous but he used to good looking too. Of course even though his age is already 74 years old, this actor who known for playing mobsters, especially Michael Corleone in The Godfather films and Tony Montana in Scarface is still good looking too. But those who are Al Pacino fans must be realize that this man having many faces. Literally, he is having so much face not only because his acting skill. That various kind of face may also the result from plastic surgery. Some said that this man has different kind of faces due plastic surgery procedure that was conducted by him.

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before & After

Al Pacino plastic surgery before and after

Judging from Al Pacino plastic surgery before and after, its true that this man having some different faces. It can be came from the numerous plastic surgery procedure that been done by him. Of course for an actor who his net worth about $135 Million, conducted some plastic surgery procedures is easy for him. But people not interested with the fact that he may spent much money from it. But many people then interested about his plastic surgery motive and how many times it was conducted on his face.

Al Pacino and his browlift as well as facelift procedure

To avoid the eye skin getting saggy or dropped, the actor shows the clear indication that he got the plastic surgery for the browlift done. The browlift makes that eyebrow looks elevated and seems giving a different looks on him. Beside that browlift, the actor also showing the indication that he get the facelift procedure too. Of course the facelift was intended to keep the skin tightness. And he seems managed well with it though sometimes his face looks bit different and tighter too.

Eyelid surgery and botox for Al Pacino

The actor also showing the indication that he get eyelid surgery procedure too. the eyelid surgery is clearly seen on his face and it giving him tight yet rigid eyes area. Though it able to removed baggy skin under it, but it seems left unnatural tighter skin there. He also showing the traces of botox judging from his face that bit frozen and tighter.

Al Pacino probably get dermal filler and nose job too

This actor also possibly having dermal filers like Restylane, or Juvederm to skin rejuvenated and avoid the skin from getting sunken. Seems not enough, there is also possibility that the other Al Pacino plastic surgery procedure is the nose job done. It makes his nasal tip looks lifted and pinched than before.

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