Amber Heard Plastic Surgery Before & After


Everybody will be agree that Amber Heard, American actress and model is very beautiful woman. This actress who gained her fame through sports drama Friday Night Lights, starring Billy Bob Thornton and was born on April 22, 1986 is kind of woman that will make every men fall for her easily. Though she came out as bisexual, we know well that actor Johnny Depp has falling for her and they even married on February 4, 2015. But among above all, people then wonder does her looks and appearance is natural and not the result from plastic surgery. But knowing that she looks so perfect and amazing, it then triggering speculation that she got the surgery to enhance her looks.

Amber Heard plastic surgery before and after

By looking at her before and after picture, we knows well that Amber Heard plastic surgery before and after seems focused to reshaped her body only. Yes though it hard to believe, but we know that her facial part hasn’t changed at all. It then lead the speculation, the actress haven’t touched her face with the plastic surgery speculation. She is naturally beauty that makes Johnny Depp then tied a knot to her. But when you observing her body, soon you will realize that something has changed there. She looks having fuller cleavage that triggering the speculation she got body enhancement done through breast implant procedure.

Amber Heard and breast implant speculation

Its true that today Amber Heard breast looks fuller and protruding than before. Her chest looks plumped and getting tougher that then lead the speculation about breast implant procedure. She used to have flat and small chest as you can see at her first debut. But now that breast looks bigger and fully rounded as the silicone or saline added extra volume there. Her breast that looks bigger, fuller and pointed than before makes this woman sexier and hotter. She seems mature enough to spent the rest of her life with Johnny Depp whose much older than her.

What does Amber Heard response?

Till now, she never said anything regarding the plastic surgery for her breast implant done. Though the result is quite subtle, amazing and still natural, the actress seems hard to admit she got the breast implant done. It seems that she is kind of actress who will never let any word spit put from her mouth regarding to plastic surgery speculation for her breast implant.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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