Angelyne Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before & After


Plastic surgery is aimed to mend and fix your appearance. But what happen when this surgery botched and makes your looks weirder and getting worst than before? Ask this feeling to American singer, actress and model, Angelyne. Yes the plastic surgery should enhanced your looks or at least makes you more confidence. But American singer, actress and model, Angelyne looks even worst with the plastic surgery procedure. And well, without trying to said she is ugly. We should admit that this woman looks so weird, plastic, and awful due the plastic surgery she has had done.

Angelyne plastic surgery before and after

Judging from his before and after picture, we should admit that she isn’t quite beautiful woman too in the past. No it doesn’t mean that Angelyne was ugly woman. But really even without any plastic surgery she isn’t too pretty either. But that appearance is much better than after she took countless plastic surgery procedure. Coupled with her weird looks by wearing something pink (hair, blush on, eye shadow and lipstick), her appearance is really out of our mind. She looks so awfully weird and lets blame that to the plastic surgery.

Lets blame her weird looks to facelift

Its true that Angelyne age is known due too much plastic surgery especially for facelift that was performed on her face. People only can guessing how old she is and how much plastic surgery for facelift has makes that face looks so weird and unnatural. Yes whenever you see her face, you will realize that something wrong there. Her face looks extremely tight and rigid with frozen looks that obviously seen there. And while it combined with her eccentric outfit, her weirder appearance is getting awful from time to time.

Oversize breast and plumped lips for Angelyne

Not only facelift that makes this woman looks odd. Oversized breast that can be seen from her body also adding something unnatural and not right from her appearance. The before and after picture shows us that her breast actually quite big and it getting bigger recently. We can conclude that she already have big breast but then add silicone or saline to make it oversized and very big too. It seems unnatural for her due having petite body but with fuller cleavage as you seen today. And seems not enough, her lip that too plumped makes her more awful and makes many people speechless. Her lip looks so plumped and thicker and we don’t have any idea how much she got surgery there.

What does expert say about Angelyne plastic surgery case?

In fact, not only ordinary woman who shocked and wonder about Angelyne plastic surgery. There are a lot of plastic surgery expert who also feelings speechless by observing her appearance. They even cant guessing how old Angelyne actually is. As said by New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer claims: “With Angelyne, I don’t even know where to start.”

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