Bea Arthur Plastic Surgery Facelift Before & After


Who knows the popular celebrity Bea Arthur? She was indeed an actress who passed away when she had been 87 years old. She was an comedienne actress was born on May 13, 1922 in New York City. She started to be known while appearing in the musical play “The Threepenny Opera” with Lotte Lenya. She had beautiful appearance. When she was alive, she got the rumor about her performance. She was rumored getting plastic surgery to change some parts of her face. Her some photos were compared and those indeed showed the differences.

Bea Arthur Plastic Surgery Facelift

Bea Arthur Plastic Surgery Facelift


Bea Arthur had a interesting look since he had been young. As the famous actress, certainly, maintaining the appearance was very important. It could be the reason why she did the surgery. Facelift was predicted to keep her young skin on her face.The result of her facelift, until getting old age, she remained to have pretty and taut skin especially on her face. Because of her performance always youthful although she gets old then, the guess about her surgery was stronger. This surgery was indeed popular for the other celebrities too. Therefore, when she was given this rumor, it might not make the fans shocked because it was done for them.

Botox Injection

Beside that surgery, botox injection was predicted to be her surgery too. Because of this surgery, Bea’s face indeed looked prettier in her old age. Her taut skin didn’t show her old age. This speculation about surgery added the stronger speculation about herself. Finally, her face was helped by tightening the sagging skin to be fresher.Almost no wrinkles appeared on her face in her after photos. In her old age, some wrinkles should be on her face but it wasn’t. Certainly, combining both of facelift and botox injection result the perfect appearance. Those changed her appearance better than before.

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