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Jane Fonda’s age is no longer young. She is already 75 years old. But look, her face is still beautiful. Her body looks fit and ideal. Especially for women readers, Fonda shares the secret to keep looking younger. Jane Fonda’s age may be just numbers. Because in fact, the actress who is also a best-selling author is always look younger than the actual age. Some time ago, she performed stunningly with fuchsia dress and matching nail polish. This L’Oréal Paris Ambassador is stealing the attention among the rows of young actresses who attended. What’s the secret?

According to Fonda, a happy life is the key to keeping looking young and healthy with Jane Fonda plastic surgery. Knowing and understanding who we are, and being a whole person is essential to achieving happiness. In addition, Fonda also always leads a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, healthy eating, and having love in life. The mother of Vanessa Vadim and Troy Garity began to work with L’Oréal Paris when she was 68 years old. At that age, she is not young anymore. Fonda never thought could become a brand ambassador. She also told about the most memorable experience in her life. Fonda realizes that outward beauty must also be balanced physically and excellently. How is it? The answer is to exercise regularly and to eat healthy foods. But that consciousness seems to emerge only in her late 40s. Like most women, for her to have a thin body would be much better. Fonda also had experienced eating disorder (disorder in the diet) which resulted in unstable health conditions. Luckily, she quickly realized and began to live a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, many women take shortcuts to keep looking beautiful and young, for example by doing plastic surgery such as Jane Fonda plastic surgery. For Fonda, as long as the operation is not done excessively, she still considered it as a natural thing. Fonda claimed to have surgery to remove her large eye bags. In 2010, the actress who has the birth name Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda has also been diagnosed with breast cancer. She then underwent lumpectomy in November 2012. This experience apparently taught her many things about the meaning of life. She is not afraid of the malignancy of the cancer that she suffered, even fighting it. Fonda also praised the steps taken by Angelina Jolie by performing a mastectomy, the surgical removal of both breasts to avoid the risk of getting cancer. In addition to acting, this artist born on December 21, 1937 is also included prolific writers. She began writing when she was 65 years old. Fonda then thought, the best thing that she could do was to write a memoir. In 2005, she released her autobiography entitled My Life So Far. Another book that is also very inspiring women around the world is Prime Time.

Jane Fonda and an actress who are both in their 60s promise to each other that they will not have plastic surgery again. Fonda, 69 years old, insisted that she wanted to grow old prettily instead of fighting the process of penance from Jane Fonda plastic surgery. And recently, they began to network radio to help women find their strength.

Many Hollywood stars can afford to pay for plastic surgery but fail to maintain their beauty. While others still look natural and beautiful even though already past middle age. What’s the secret? Like I said above, the example is Jane Fonda. She looks fresh with no strange pull or bulge although using Jane Fonda plastic surgery. A model photo of Christie Brinkley in her age of over 60 also looks pretty as it was 40 years ago when she was wearing a bikini for the cover of the popular Sports Illustrated magazine. Not long ago, she authored Timeless Beauty book. There is one interesting thing that she put forward in the book that we have known for a long time. She realized that to look beautiful, we must also have a beautiful heart. We have always known that beauty must be from the outside. You may look beautiful, but if your heart is filled with envy, jealousy and other kinds of stubbornness, all of that will radiate in your face. On the contrary, you may have a casual face, but your heart is noble, virtuous and loving, your face will shine the beauty of your heart. You should also keep your body healthy so it does not look old and suffer.

According to Jane Fonda, besides using Jane Fonda plastic surgery, by eating lots of vegetables and fruits, the skin will become smooth and supple. What fruit and vegetables are beneficial for the skin? Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes are able to fight radical substances on the body’s cells, making the body healthier and younger. Similarly, dark green vegetables are very good for maintaining health. These fruits and vegetables can be blended smoothly to drink. This diet is popular at this time as it helps to eat more vegetables and fruits. With the maintenance of health, the skin will be more healthy and having fresh appearance.

Exercising in middle-age does not need to be as heavy as when young. It is enough with a quick walk in the morning or a swim to help body fitness. The Eastern people have gymnastics, suitable for seniors such as Taichi and also yoga. This sport in addition to helping the body also nourish mentally because it reduces stress. Wear moisturizing cream and sun block to protect your skin. With all creams and makeup that you wear, plus the dust from the outside, your facial skin needs to be cleaned daily. At this time, many sold a fine brush that is driven by battery so you can do the cleaning by yourself at home and you don’t need to go to salon. Just once a week, warm your facial skin with a towel soaked in hot water. Use the brush to clean up the dirt that settles on the skin.

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