Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Such a Sister’s Rival


Knowing her sister gets a huge opportunity in the entertainment case, Bella Hadid is trying to follow her sister career. Although she might be cannot be a model like her sister, at least she is trying to get her own way in the entertainment industry. She might not has a tall and thin body, or having a sharp chin and face bone. However, her father has a lot of money and she could use it to be more beautiful. What will she do? It must be by becoming a highlight of news on Bella Hadid plastic surgery.

The fact behind Bella Hadid plastic surgery is revealed. She changed her face bone, face parts, and the most important aspect is skin tone. Well, she has a darker skin tone than her sister, so that she tried to make it brighter. The chubby cheeks were changed into sharpening chin and cheeks which totally looked perfect. Not only those parts, she did many under the knife procedures, especially to her boob and butt. Liposuction, Botox, lips injection, nose filler are the common procedures to do by Hollywood actress and Bella Hadid followed to do it too. How much money do you think had bee spend by this actress? She has no doubt about it because all she has to do is just asking her dad.

Bella Hadid Plastic surgery is very different to what her sister did. If her sister only focuses on her weakness, Bella tries to look as perfect as she could. Both of them are very different in their appearance, body shape and size, and more than it. We know that it is a normal thing that happened to anybody in this world in every family. However, it sometimes becomes a big problem and envious is one of the most common things happened. Rejuvem or another kind of Botox treatment came to Bella’s face. To do the regular check-up, she asked her father and get the protection from him.  We know that she is not a famous artist, but she has a billionaire father and mother who could do anything for her, except buying this whole world.

We do not know what is Bella’s ambition, but Bella Hadid plastic surgery is a sensational rumor which comes to a newborn artist. Public belief it just a step to her to increase her career and get the top position in fast. When every artist has her own talent to increase her position in the entertainment industry, Bella seems lack of it. Well, there is only two kinds of artists in this industry. The first is an artist who famous and popular because of their talents and achievements, and the second is artists who famous with their problems and sensations.   You may think by yourself about Bella Hadid type of artist.

To be an artist is not a difficult thing to do, but to keep exist is a hard thing to do. many artists only think that they sell their body and face in this industry and only it. Therefore, they only focus on treating their body and face without notice their development career and talents. Being creative and get a new thing to sell is beyond of their mind. If you want to analyze more about Bella Hadid Plastic surgery, you can see her photo collections. Even her skin tone has changed today. When white becomes more popular today, she will change it into white, but when dark skin becomes popular and looks more sensual and exotic, she will do the same. It seems like she does not have any principal in her life. She does not have any commitment in her life so that she keeps changing her body and face part. She thinks it is the same context as changing her clothes.

Young artists have been educated very well about the long term effect of plastic surgery and the risk behind it, but Bella seems to lock her eyes and ears. She did anything she wants to do although we do not yet about her achievement in this industry. How many movies have been played by her? What is her specialty? Is she better to be a singer or an actress? There are too many things to answer and the public just could be quite on this rumor. Since we do not know about Bella Hadid yet, we seem like do not care about what she did. Yes, Bella is not a famous artist yet and we d not know her spectacular movies or event which make us know more of her.

Bella Hadid plastic surgery rumor may give a deep influence on young generation to do the same and it is not a good example. What should Bella does is to give a good education and example to the young generation, but she seems to follow what her senior did. Do many changes by plastic surgery is not a wise option, especially you did it because of you are still healthy. Somebody should do plastic surgery only because of the urgent matter like the crash of accident and any wound which disturbing the convenience on their face and body. Plastic surgery is done wisely only because of any serious matter.

To beautify yourself is not a wise decision to do plastic surgery, especially if you are still young and healthy which your skin stills have time to regenerate and change into a new one. Think smart before you do this procedure and do not think if you are Bella Hadid. Bella has her royal father, but you might do not have the same father. It is not only Bella’s fault, but her mother and father also take a role in her plastic surgery decision. Although doctors said it is safe, we do not know 20 years later. Will you follow what Bella Hadid did as teh young generation today? Calculate how much money you have to spend first before you make any decision. If it just makes you bankrupt and full of pain in the future, leave it!

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