Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born as Bernadette Lazzara on 28 February 1948, Bernadette Peters will be soon turning 66. She is an actress, singer, and author of children’s book who has starred in musical theater, films, and television. Peters has received nominations for seven Tony Awards, which she was winning two of them, nine Drama Desk Awards, and winning three of them. Four of the Broadway cast albums on which she has starred have won Grammy Awards. If we look at her now, she doesn’t look like a 66 year-old, she looks 25 years younger than her actual age. This stimulates the rumors about her having undergone some works and take advantage from them, which is getting young again. Let’s go into some details about the procedures that she might have taken.

Eyelid Surgery. Her eyelids appear well-tucked and don’t show any aging signs like bulging that should have been seen on a woman at her age. The eyelids are sharp and have given her the look of a young woman in her 20s. Eyelid surgery opens up the eyes and making them look brighter effectively. Mini facelift. Her cheeks seem toned and plumped yet shinny and look wonderful. This sort of procedure grants her a youthful look by removing sagging skin, forehead wrinkles, and any other elements of aging. This is so obvious since her facial skin looks pulled apart and very tight.

Botox. This is the most popular procedure which is undergone to help her get rid of wrinkles, especially frown lines and stress lines to make the face look more shiny, smoother, tighter, and brighter

Peters, however, has denied all the speculations that suspected her about taking advantage of plastic surgery. She claimed that she avoids anything which upsets the natural balance of her skin, whether that is a beauty treatment or a surgical procedure. She said that due to her strict diet plan, she has become able to stop her face from getting wrinkled. Do you think this is possible? She is 66 and doesn’t seem aged at all. I don’t think anyone would buy it.

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