Best Plastic Surgery Specialists in America


While you are busy to find the best plastic surgery specialists in America, we will give you some recommended surgeons who will help you anytime when you are ready. Plastic surgery specialist are the doctors who have specializations in specific segment of plastic surgery. We filtered them all based on their current regions right now. So, you can meet them easily through their current regions without questioning where they are anymore. For your information, they were chosen by the top requested surgical procedures. They are nose job, breast implants, facelift, liposuction and eyelid procedures. Do not forget to write down their name so that you can remember them later.


The first one of the best plastic surgery specialists comes from California. His name is Aaron Rollins. For your information, his name is very famous in Hollywood. His specialty focuses on liposuction surgical procedures. So, you can find him on Beverly Hills when you want to remove all fat around your body. The second one also comes from Beverly Hills. But, his specialty concerns with nose jobs. For your information, nose jobs here refer to the nose reshaping. Many celebrities have worked with him. His name is Raj Kanodia. Last but not least, you can find Lisa B. Cassileth to fix your current breast implants. Yes, her job is concerned with fixing something wrong of breast augmented.


From California, we are now going to the Florida because 3 best plastic surgery specialists are waiting us here. The first surgeon that you have to find is Constantino G. Mendieta. You may find him when you want to reshape your buttock. He is so popular so that people call him as Miami’s booty guru. Yes, he sets up his practice in Miami. Secondly, his name is Julio F. Gallo. You may need him when you have to deal with face-lift surgery. For your information, he has special technique to make natural and young appearance for our face. Last but not least, this specialist lives in Key Biscayne. Roger K. Khouri who is a specialist of breast-reconstruction procedures. He can do fat transfer and tissue expansion to replace the normal implants.

Plastic Surgery Specialists New York

Lastly, we come to the New York as the last region for those best specialists on plastic surgery. Davida Hidalgo who lives in New York can make your body reshape undetectable. For your information, he can do major procedures such as breast augmentation, face-lifts and also eye lifts. The second specialist is Adam R. Kolker. As same as Hidalgo, he is a multi-specialist in surgical operation. Not only body but also face work can be handled by him. Then, the last one has also this multifunction skills. His name is Alan Matarasso. His specialty ranges from head until your toe. That is why we call them as the best plastic surgery specialists in this special post.

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