Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born as Alice Elizabeth Smith on 29 November 1967 in Denver, Colorado, Beth Chapman has been featured in a number of television films and movies among the famous reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Her makeup always appears heavy and her hair is always a harsh bleached blonde. Some sources have reported that she has managed to reverse the aging process along with the effects of giving birth on her body. It is speculated that she has had some nips and tucks.

When she was on vacation with her husband, she once busted with her bare tummy and the telltale signs of a tummy tuck was seen. Her visible pulled belly button together with the scar on her tummy indicate the possibility of a tummy tuck. Moreover, the massive breast shape doesn’t seem balance with her tummy. It is clear that she has done something unnatural to her stomach.

The speculated procedures are breast augmentation (which has made her breasts look unnaturally too firm and round), facelift, eyelift, and rhinoplasty. The result of breast augmentation is claimed to be too much, yet all the facial procedures are not that bad. Possibly, she doesn’t appear to have been going to a particularly good surgeon as the scars from her tummy tuck were clearly visible for all to see during a beach holiday with her husband. The tummy tuck might have been performed because she might hope the strech marks, which are caused by pregnancy, disappeared. Beth herself denies every plastic surgery performance on her body. She claims that she has lost all her tummy fat and extra weight naturally, following a healthy diet, exercising, and totally changing her lifestyle.

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