Billy Bob Thornton Plastic Surgery Before & After


Some male celebrities having fierce and a little bit rude image. But they can fall to plastic surgery trap too. This American actor, director, writer, producer, and singer-songwriter, Billy Bob Thornton is another example of male celebrity who having that kind of image but showing the indication she got the surgery procedure from his face. It’s easy to noticed that the ex husband of actress Angelina Jolie has several procedure of plastic surgery. This 59 years old men not only male celebrity with fierce image that may got the surgery procedure. Look at Lorenzo Lamas, Mickey Rourke and Gene Simmons are the other male celebrities who have fierce image but having plastic surgery too to enhanced their looks.

Billy Bob Thornton plastic surgery before and after

It seems that Billy Bob Thornton plastic surgery before and after giving him quite much benefits. Yes his face looks away from something normal but he looks so young and many will forget the fact that his age is almost 60s. Some even said that Billy Bob Thornton looks good after the surgery rather than before. Many said that this actor having surgery due he has reputation to date younger girl than his age. But some also said that he got the surgery simply just to keep his youthful looks only. No matter the reason is, the plastic surgery seems looking good on him and not to bad at all.

Botox and facial filler benefits for Billy Bob Thornton

Its likely that Billy Bob Thornton got so much benefit from the plastic surgery especially for botox and facial filler. He got aging reserve with that procedure due his face that looks younger and fresher as you can see today. Though it also looks unnatural but yes its giving him so much benefit by making his appearance like men in 40s. The botox makes his forehead looks smooth and toned though yet the crows feet and laugh lines disappeared too from his face. The facial filler may also has injected into her face to prevent the cheek from hollow or sunken.

Hair transplant makes Billy Bob Thornton looks good

As normal men, he also experienced hair loss too in the past. But now, the problem has been solved due his hair that looks thicker and heavy than before. It then lead speculation that the actor has the hair implant done to returning his hair condition. Overall, his hair transplant looks good and giving him many advantages.

What does Billy Bob Thornton response?

It hard to know Billy Bob Thornton response regarding the speculation he got the surgery done. Though the result is not too bad and even brought him so much benefit, this man seems tries to never discussing about plastic surgery speculation.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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