Blake Lively Plastic Surgery with Its Psychological Benefits


What’s on your mind when you hear the word “Plastic Surgery”? We often hear plastic surgery as a negative thing. But apparently there is a positive impact of this operation. Many people see their body parts more proportional after surgery. Plastic surgery focuses on giving the body the most natural appearance. Due to improved appearance, one may feel more comfortable and confident. Most people also think that plastic surgery is a negative thing because it is considered less appreciative of God’s gift. But what happens when plastic surgery is used for positive things? Yes. Plastic surgery has positive advantages such as repairing body parts damaged by accidents as well as restoring confidence in body shape. Not only to physical benefits, but plastic surgery can also provide various psychological benefits.

In the world of entertainment, looking beautiful, cool and attractive is a demand for many celebrities. No wonder, if they are willing to spend funds in fantastic quantities just to beautify themselves. From the skin care, hair, nails, even to medical actions that alter certain body parts to make the body look more beautiful also seems to be done by almost all artists in our country and abroad. Consequently, many succeed, but also many people who culminate in the calamity of feelings of insatiable until finally even make their faces worse than the original. Plastic surgery among celebrities has become their own lifestyle. Here is one of the world celebrities who perform plastic surgery with a wow cost for the sake of fantastic performances. You can try to note the change in their appearance first and now. Blake Lively is a beautiful woman whose name began to be widely known after becoming one of the star TV series titled Gossip Girl. However, many media are highlighting her face changes, for example she stated to do Blake Lively plastic surgery and skin care to cover blackheads and acne. Changes also appear on the smaller nose as well as the eyes.

The benefits of plastic surgery can be an advantage for people with certain congenital abnormalities as well as for those who wish to enhance beauty. Not only for artist such as Megan for plastic surgery, there are many positive benefits of plastic surgery for ordinary people, which can help to build trust from within.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

Every person must have a desire to look beautiful in the others views. This is especially felt by women. That desire comes naturally as one of human nature. Along with the advancement of science and technology, man has produced many innovations in all fields, including the aesthetic field. One of them is plastic surgery technology that is not foreign to the world community. Although the beginning of the discovery of this technology aims for medical interests (for victims of accidents, etc.), today many people are utilizing this technology. As many artists have done to improve their performance in order to increase their satisfaction while performing to entertain the audience such as Blake Lively plastic surgery, it is also an important factor in supporting their work. In fact, this technology began to be widely used by the general public in addition to the entertainer. This has become commonplace to do, as long as the patient has sufficient expenses to perform such plastic surgery.

What is this plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is an operation or surgery that aims to improve the function and aesthetics of certain body parts. For example there is a woman who performs plastic surgery to improve the shape of her breasts as before after performing surgical removal of the tumor, in this case plastic surgeons perform plastic surgery reconstruction. Plastic surgery reconstruction is done to correct the defects. While aesthetic plastic surgery is a surgical repair of something, which in its original state was normal, but changed to a better or beautiful form. Aesthetic plastic surgery is also called cosmetic surgery such as Blake Lively plastic surgery. However, not all plastic surgery results are satisfactory. In addition to the error factors that may occur during the operation process, the mismatch of the desired shape with our body also affects the results of the operation. This incompatibility actually worsens the appearance, even in some cases the results are quite horrible to see.

If you want to do plastic surgery too like Blake Lively plastic surgery, before performing the operation, it is important for the prospective patient to think carefully and to consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages that may result from plastic surgery. It is because what is good for other is not necessarily good for us. Everyone’s body is very unique. Do not let this plastic surgery become your master’s weapon, which will harm your future. If this surgery is done, you should look for a certified plastic surgeon. Better yet, if the certificate is owned by an international certificate, so in case of undesirable events in the future can be completed on an international scale. However, it is better to avoid plastic surgery if the goal is just to beautify the appearance. With all the possible consequences, of course we do not want those bad things to happen, right?

In any religious point of view, plastic surgery has certain laws governing it. Plastic surgery to repair defects caused by accidents or other matters beyond human power is permitted or permissible. The plastic surgery is forbidden if it is intended only to beautify the face or body, in addition to the purpose for treatment or repair a defect. For example, surgery to beautify the shape of the nose, eyes, breasts, or surgery to remove old facial wrinkles, and so on. Plastic surgery to beautify oneself is included in the sense of changing God’s creation, hence the law is forbidden. Therefore, be grateful for what we already have. What we think is beautiful is not necessarily good for us, and vice versa. We can take care of the body in natural ways. Beauty is not only judged physically. The factor of beauty will more determine the judgment of others against us. We can be beautiful with the inner beauty that we have. Inner beauty can be got by adding insight, be polite, and having strong character. Implant behind all the shortcomings that we have there must be good or wisdom. Indeed what we have is the best God has given to us and our duty is to keep our best.

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