Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before & After


Who passes the hot news about Bradley Cooper’s plastic surgery? It’s exactly the surprise information. Why not? Plastic surgery for the handsome actor is like impossible because he has had a nice appearance. In Hollywood, this speculation becomes a hot topic. Certainly, the different appearance of Bradley was asked. Although he gets the old age, until now, he remains looking fresh and ageless on his face. Nevertheless, many people don’t believe it because his change can be said as the natural thing. Does it come from God or helped by the doctor? we don’t know without know it from Bradley himself. The prediction surgeries done by him are such as nose job, botox, and chemical peel.

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before & After

Nose Job

When you look at Bradley’s nose, do you look at the difference? Yeah, surely to make the nose job right or not, the comparing of the photos can give the answer. On the before photo, Bradley’s nose is not too perfect but now, it seems different. He is like having a nose job, that is Rhinoplasty. It creates his nose more pointed with the upper bone on his nose. His nose is more narrow than before. His rhinoplasty can be mentioned as the success procedure because the result is not too clear as the surgery procedure but when his nose is compared obviously, the change is clear enough.


Viewing Bradley’s face is not bored because his face is really nice. He has the baby face. But actually, his good appearance is guessed as the procedure of botox. It is caused by his face which seems very smooth. In his old age enough that has achieved 41-ish years old, still looking youthful. It produced many opinions, that it is result behind the botox.

Chemical Peel

Beside undergoing knife as the above, Bradley is also regarded getting chemical peel. It completes his botox. So, his face has the perfect appearance as the youthful performance. It helps him defense his face always looking fresh. How about your prediction? Do you think like that or instead you don’t think so?

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