Breast Augmentation Surgery Tips for Patients who choose This Surgery


What is the main goal of breast augmentation surgery? This question should be known by the patients who want to conduct this surgery soon. They need to know that this surgery prefers to make the breast in fuller and bigger form than before. There are two main purposes of this surgery. The first one is for mastectomy patients of breast cancer. The second one is obviously for cosmetic reasons. Regardless with the purposes, you have to read this guide because we will show some important considerations before doing this breast implants. Hopefully, you can consider your surgery after reading this breast implant guidance.

Saline or Silicone?

This is the first question that you have to answer before conducting breast augmentation surgery. There are kinds of breast implants that you need to choose. The first type is saline-filled implants. This surgery will implant sterile salt water or simply saline inside the silicon shells of your breasts later. Meanwhile, the second one is called as silicone-filled implants. As we predicted before, this surgery concerns to fill plastic gels inside the silicone shells. Based on our survey, modern women tend to choose silicone-filled implants rather than the first type because it looks the real breasts. But, the sale of silicone breast implants had ever been stopped in 1992 until 2006 because of safety concerns.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Costs

The next consideration regarding to the breast augmentation surgery is the costs. The costs of breast implants depend on some factors. They are the location where you want to conduct the surgery, the doctor who will do the surgery and the type of the breast implants that we have said above. Based on our research, the range price of this surgery starts from $5,000 to $10,000 USD. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your health insurance because breast implants is considered as cosmetic operations which is as your demand.


There are some requirements for the patients who want to conduct breast implants. In other words, not all women can do this obviously. Based on its types, the saline-filled implants is just for women who reach at least eighteen years old. Meanwhile, the silicone-filled implants require at least twenty years old women. After the patients got the implants, they have to follow the surgeons’ advices such as stop using particular medication. This surgery is usually done for 1 until 2 hours depending on the procedure’s complexity.  The anesthesia is a must for breast augmentation surgery because the surgeon will cut several parts of patient’s body such as around nipples or under the breasts.

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