Breast Reduction And Lift Guide That Patients Have to Know


The breast reduction and lift surgery is one of so many breast surgeries that should be known by the patient. For your information, this surgery concerns to reduce the tissue and also the skin of the breasts. The main goal of this surgery is usually to reshape unnatural breasts’ form. Moreover, the large area of dark skin can be reduced too with this surgery. It is usually called as areola. In this article, we will discuss about how this surgery can be done, how it works and what risks that the patient will face after the surgery. For your information, this surgery takes three until five hours. Meanwhile, the breast lift is actually similar with the breast reduction. But, the skin is the only one which will be removed.


We have talked a few points about the breast reduction and lift guide above. In this section, we will show some benefits by having this surgery at once. The first one is all about comfy feeling from the patients. As we know, having large breast is not always fun especially the heavy breasts. If you did not give some remedies, you will have back and neck pain soon. Moreover, the posture of your body is not proportional anymore. Secondly, this surgery will increase your activity which was limited by large breasts. This happens for women who love to do some sports. Last but not least, this surgery will give better shape and proportional form of your body.

How It Ends?

The breast reduction and lift comes for permanent shape. Once the patient did this surgery, the shape will maintain its form as long as possible. The shape may be changed if the patient has been through pregnancy and weight changes. So, the patient can maintain the same form after the surgery if she does not meet these factors.

Breast Reduction And Lift Risks

There are several risks regarding to these surgeries after all.  The most common risk is about leaving the scars. Mostly, the scars of breast surgery will remain visible form. Actually, the scars depend on how the patient got the incision of the surgery. Do not worry because it will be disappear through time flies. The second risk is about the breast-feed issue after the surgery. Some women cannot do breast feeding on some types of breast reduction surgery. But, it does not rule out of the possibility for women to do breast-feeding. Last but not least, the patients may not feel the nipples temporary. It usually take a few months for the patients of breast reduction and lift getting back the feeling.

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