Breast Reduction Procedure Steps that You Must Know


Every woman may know breast reduction procedure but not all people know the steps or procedures of this operation. It is important to know the procedures of breast reduction because it has to be told by the surgeons before they conduct the operations. However, not all patients understand after all. For your information, breast reduction is a surgery that reduces the size of patient’s breasts. The procedures are conducted through some incisions to the patient’s breast and remove the particular parts of it such tissue, skin or the excess fat.


This is the first step of breast reduction procedure. Without anesthesia, it is almost impossible for the patients to be comfort while the operation. There are some choices that should be chosen by the patients such as general anesthesia or even intravenous sedation. Make sure you have consulted with the doctor firstly about the best choice of anesthesia. After getting the anesthesia, the patient is ready for the next step of the breast reduction surgery. During the operation, the patient will be unconscious. The duration depends on the type of the anesthesia.

Breast Reduction Procedure Incision

This is the crucial step of breast reduction procedure. There are several options that should be chosen both for surgeons and patients. The first option is circular pattern. The scars may be seen around your areola. However, you can easily hide it within a bra or swimsuit. The second option is keyhole pattern. The location is the same with the first one. It is around your areola but the incision will be ended on the breast crease vertically. Last but not least, it is inverted T pattern. As you can see, it is self-explanatory.

Tissue Removal and Incision Closing

The next step is removing the current tissue or excess fat of the patient. For your information, the nipple will be repositioned. Of course, it still connects with the blood and nerve supply but the incision will open the skin and tissue only. As we can see, the areola is the part that should be reduced in this procedure. Afterwards, the surgeons will reposition the nipple and areola on higher area of the breast. Lastly, the surgeon will immediately close the incisions in smaller breast’s form. It must be permanent on the breast about the incision line. Do not worry about this because it will be faded through the time. In the end, you will see the results obviously. That is the last step of the breast reduction procedure.

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