Brigitte Nielsen Plastic Surgery Before & After


Brigitte Nielsen is not strange in our ears. She is popular celebrity. In her career, she gets the unpredictable rumor, it is about her plastic surgery. On her performance, there are some changes are judged as the result of surgery. It may be done to maintain her face fresh and youthful even though her age is getting older.

Botox Injection

Botox injection becomes one of her some surgeries are done. It is her choice to keep her appearance. Usually, this surgery can maintain the tight face and young face of the consumer. When Brigette is judged having this surgery, she indeed shows the result of doing the botox injection. The result indeed is success because her face always looks fresh and young although she gets old age. The skin on her face doesn’t show the lines and the wrinkles it instead looks taut and youth. It is very clear on her forehead. On her photos, those proves can be showed that her face is so smooth. She is more beautiful and she doesn’t show her old age.

Breast Implants

Talking about Brigitte’s boob, there is different size. She is reported getting the breast implants to change her size bigger than before. It makes her boobs fuller. In before, her boobs is not too big and flat enough but then, it changes fast. Certainly, the prediction about breast implants is stronger as her way in changing her bob size.


In addition, Brigitte also does the liposuction to make her lips sexier. The shape of her lips thicker exactly. The thin lips doesn’t appear again. Nevertheless, it remains clear as unnatural shape. Because of her surgeries, youthful, fresh and sexy are got by her. By her new appearance, she looks perfect in her age than the other women.

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