Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery Before & After


Callista Louise Bisek, born on 4 March 1966, is the president of Gingrich Production. She is married to former speaker of the United States House of Representatives and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich. Callista Gingrich is rumored having undergone some cosmetic procedures in order to enhance her appearance. She has experienced a drastic beauty evolutions which brought her to a level of hyper-groomed looks

Her beauty transformation was not so quick anyway, for a while she maintained her softly styled hair and her basic makeup, remaining as approachable and average as a political wife in the limelight can be. But sometime between early 2009 and the end of 2010, Callista’s appearance hardened. Her hair went from soft and wavy to helmet smooth, the lipstick got darker and more defined, and her face seem faced to get pointier. Her forehead never really moves, the indication of Botox usage. And her hair, which was usually stiff and helmet-like, is also now worn down, which has lead some people to think that she is trying to hide plastic surgery scars. She, however, has remained mute on whether or not her new looks is the result of surgical enhancement that she has performed.

Some experts slash plastic surgeon have given their opinion regarding the procedures that Callista might have undergone. Dr. Paul Nassif once said, “Callista Bisek appears to have had a browlift, facial fillers, Botox, possibly a rhinoplasty at one point in her life, and there is a possibility that she had a minimally invasive facelift at one point as well.” Dr. Douglas Hendricks has also joined the conversation which is reported at UsPost.Com. According to him, “Without question she has had extensive Botox to the forehead, crows feet, and the frown lines. No matter what expression she has there are no lines and no movement or change in her expression in the upper 1/3 of her face.”

A famous Miami plastic surgeon, has also said, “Newt Gingrich’s wife, Callista Bisek, looks like she tries to maintain a youthful appearance to her skin probably with Botox and chemical peels. It doesn’t appear that she has had any facial work done at this time.”So this is clear that Callista Gingrich might have some procedures since what is seen on her appearance is very obvious. The changes, however are making her look older rather than enhancing her natural looks.

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