Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born in Beverly Hills, California on 9 May 1946, Candice Patricia Bergen has become Hollywood darling since appearing as Murphy Brown on CBS sitcom. She began her career as fashion model when she appeared on Vogue magazine front cover. In 2006, she suffered from stroke and currently still struggling to avoid the memory lost. It caused her to have undeniable premature aging look and later encourage her to rebuild her confidence and fight the stroke that ever ruined her life by transforming her appearance to younger look through surgical procedure. She was at the point where giving up on her disease wasn’t a choice.

She herself confirmed that she was having had some dermal injections and some plumping up done. It helped her to get rid of wrinkles on her forehead and between the brows. For the facelift procedure, she preferred lower facelift for smoother look by undergoing jaw line surgery. Bergen was trying to avoid the actual lift as she doesn’t want to look like having frozen face and ears. She also managed to smooth and tighten any sag and bag around the eyes by having blepharoplasty done on her skin. This procedure has successfully made her face look fresher and more attractive. It was obviously seen that any surgical procedure she has taken was well done on her face. It looks toned and flawless, not too much plastic so the natural appearance still sticks with her.

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