Carol Costello Plastic Surgery Before & After


Talking about the beautiful and talented American television news anchor, Carol Costello is one of the most popular. She is indeed attractive. To come in television and show up herself is her dream from former. She began well known and passionate on television journalist. Spending some years in network as an award winning police and court reporter, she worked for WSYX and WBNS 10-TV, the CBS affiliate based in Columbs. For her job, exactly she has always to have interesting appearance. To maintain her appearance, she was predicted undergone plastic surgery procedure. It makes her having beautiful and youthful face.

Botox Injection

As the actress who always performs perfect and interesting never avoid of plastic surgery. As Carol, she is rumored getting the botox injection to get appearance as she is now. It is showed by her appearance which is always young. Almost there is not the wrinkles and sagging skin on her face. What’s ever, in her age, the aging skin should be appear. It actually doesn’t seem on her. She has the great career because of her appearance in television. Maintaining her appearance sure become the priority purpose for her, no wonder she did plastic surgery.

By doing the botox injection, we also know that it was used to do rejuvenate her face. Is it also her reason? It is still mysterious. Nevertheless, facing this gossip, she remains showing herself quietly and confident.If the rumor is not true, where the beauty comes? Plastic surgery can change the performance of someone. But beauty will exist from the inner. It may become the reason why Carol is always beautiful and young. It is caused by herself who can keep and maintain her beauty and appearance.

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