Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Before & After Nose Job


Americans should recognize Carrie Underwood, a young and talented girl who won American’s famous singing competition, American Idol. Showing up with her unique style singing country songs have brought her career escalate and even deliver her as the winner of American Idol in 2005.

This young and beautiful girl, who is able to make even Simon Cowell to admire her, has been growing up and become a beautiful lady today. Still singing with her country-style music, Carrie Underwood has attracted public attention through her beauty. She is beautiful, no doubt for that. However, as she looks even more beautiful when she grew older, people start to speculate about her natural beauty. Is her beauty natural? Did she undergo plastic surgeries?

Is it possible to have more beautiful looks as you become older? It is the hottest topic of people doubting Carrie’s beauty. Let me say that it does possible to be prettier as you grown up, will it end the gossip? That’s a “no” I guess. People loved to talk about another person’s life. As in Carrie’s case, she has been accused of doing nose job procedure and Botox to keep her beauty shines. It’s people’s opinion however, which the spread and make the society believe that Carrie has had plastic surgery. She didn’t admit nor deny the rumors, just as any other celebrities did when they’re asked about this matter.

However, as a young girl who is trying to keep her existence in the entertainment industry, it’s possible that anything will be done. Your talent cannot help much when another person with better looks suddenly shown up with similar talent as yours. As the music industry growing up enormously today, young girls singing with country-style music also starts to show up. Carrie Underwood has a beautiful face since her first performance in American Idol, but the question is, is her natural beauty she shows now?

Nobody knows, but I guess she’ll keep practicing and make her singing ability more perfect to keep her existence in the industry, instead of making many transformations with her look which won’t last longer than her talent. Whatever the truth of her beauty, let’s hope Carrie to always give her best performance to us. We want to hear her beautiful voice more than we want to look her beautiful face, right?

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