Christina Hendrick Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born in 1975, Christina Hendrick has been known for her performances in television dramas. Starting her career as model, Christina has been managed to reach film industry. The young model has shown public that she did has talent of performing on dramas and movies. Many nominations and awards from prestigious events have brought her to become one of America’s noticeable actress.

Entering her 40’s, she even looks much younger than her age. Her recent photos even didn’t show any wrinkles or aging signs on her face. What kind of magic can make her beauty still? Gossip blown out about her “artificial beauty”. Her nose seems to be the most trending topic of public gossips. Watch between these picture we may see the difference, indeed. If there’s someone who cannot see the difference of her body, I will suggest him/her to immediately search for an oculist.

Although it seems that she hasn’t had many plastic surgeries on face as another celebrities did, the most sensational topic of Christina Hendrick is nothing else but her voluptuous body. It is clearly said that every men must be interested in her body shape. Her bra cup size seems out of woman normal size. Let say her size is D or DD? It doesn’t matter anyway, because the fact is, her boobs are truly, really big ones. Anyone who knows her in her passed years must feel a bit strange with her present look. Does she get her big boobs since she was young? Or, just like another celebrities who wants to drive attention, she did breast implant or similar surgery just to ensure that her former bra won’t be fit anymore?

Her performance in Mad Men since 2007 has driven people’s attention of her looks and performance. Besides her act in front of the camera, people love to watch her voluptuous body with Joan Harris character. The kind of beauty she offers, just like Joan’s character, is intelligent and sexy characters. Imagine there’s intelligent woman with sensual appearance in your office, I guess you won’t be bothered to have overtime work, right? However, in spite of her enormous boob size, she still can keep her image as elegant, independent, and smart woman. Her change in her bra cup size cannot steal the charm she has had. People would compare her to Marilyn Monroe or another actress who have been succeeded in driving people crazy because of their voluptuous body, but Christine is just different.

Whatever the reason and way behind her cup size, it is pretty clear that Christine Hendrick is not cheap. It seems that she did do something with her body, but yet she don’t make it as the main asset of her career and performance. She might want to get attention of her body, and it works well. However, she won’t get awards only based on her body shape, right? Her ability and totality of act means more than her breast, more than the cup size.

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