Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Before & After


Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Before And After – It is easy to noticed that an American singer-songwriter and television and film actress, Crystal Bernard has put herself under the care of plastic surgery. You can see the plastic surgery result from her before and after picture that can be seen here. Its likely that her before and after picture revealed the plastic surgery was focused for the facial reconstruction only. Her face seems a little bit different and we will see that she has changed too much. Through before and after picture, many people said that she is too scared to lost her youthful looks. She then took the plastic surgery as her savior to kept the youthful looks till now. But her before and after picture seems showing the indication that the actress may gets too much plastic surgery. And through her before and after picture too, we will realize how hard she tries to looks young on her 53 years old.

Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Before & After

Crystal Bernard Plastic Surgery Before & After

Facelift, botox and facial filler for Crystal Bernard

Many people said that the actress seems takes too much plastic surgery. Through her before and after picture, its likely that the actress tries so hard to fight the wrinkles from her face with the facelift, botox and facial filler. The botox that has been injected on her forehead area makes this part getting rigid and too elevated. Not only that the botox seems also makes her forehead getting bit frozen and unable to move. Besides that, the actress also showing the indication that she got facelift procedure too. The facelift procedure may help her to prevent the skin getting saggy due her age is 53 years old too. Yes its true that her facelift makes her skin looks toned and now wrinkles. But sometimes, it also very rigid and left her with a little bit painful looks. And the thing that makes this woman really different is her facial filler. The facial filler, probably collagen has been injected into the cheek area. As the result, her cheek looks very swollen and getting plumped too.

She may also gets rhinoplasty too

Through her before and after picture, the actress may also revealed the facts she get rhinoplasty too. Her before and after condition shows us that her nose looks smaller and slimmer than before. The nasal cartilage looks cramped with thinner nasal bridge too. The tip of her nose also looks pointed and getting higher too than before.

People said Crystal Bernard is changed too much

Many people said that the actress looks changed too much due plastic surgery. She used to have beautiful face that makes many people admire her. And now, her face looks changed and bit unrecognizable. People said that she got too much surgery and it won’t be good for her. Does Crystal Bernard heard it? We don’t know much cause she is remain silent whenever asked about it.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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