Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery Before & After


You may say that Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery is a little bit too much for the older brother of actor Mark Wahlberg. His plastic surgery also makes us questioned why and does he really need it? It because naturally he is a good looking men. He is kind of men that will get every girl he want to. His face is good looking, he is really cool and beside that he is famous too. But why he then put himself under the knife for the plastic surgery? It’s hard to find the answer since the actor seems a little bit hesitated to talking about it. But through his before and after picture, you can observed by yourself whether he has plastic surgery or not.

Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery before and after

Lets say that through his before and after plastic surgery we know that he tries to fixed his face. We don’t know what or why but as you can see there, his face is definitely bit changed. His face that a little bit changed then makes us believed the plastic surgery for him is facts not just bad mouthing new or an issue. It because he has explicitly said never put himself under the knife to get the plastic surgery procedure. But the facts, his before and after then revealed something has been there. And seems that the plastic surgery has a lot of responsible to makes this actor face looks changed a bit.

He got the botox injection

The first fact that can be revealed from his before and after picture is the actor get the botox injection procedure done. The botox injection actually give him the face that free from wrinkles, lines or crease. Look at his face and you will realize that it looks so smooth and almost wrinkles free. But in other hand, you will see that this actor is also having immobile forehead too. That because he has been injected a little bit too much botox there. Not only that, the botox seems also makes her cheek looks a little bit swollen too which is ruined his face a little bit.

It then combined with facelift

Not enough with botox only, the actor then tries another procedure to be applied for his face. And he then choosing the facelift to makes the botox injection working well on his face. We can say that at first, he take facelift in order to minimize the bad effects from the botox injection from his face. But well, seems that the plan is not working well on him. His face looks bit frozen and too rigid because he gets the facelift procedure too. Some also said that his eyes that bit squinted is also the result from facelift procedure. Even it give him the youthful looks, but really the actor has been changed a bit due the facelift too.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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