Dwayne Johnson Plastic Surgery Before & After


You are not the only one who feel shocked when realize that American-Canadian actor, producer and professional wrestler, Dwayne Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is also got the plastic surgery. Well it doesn’t mean that having fierce appearance with strong and though image makes you far away from the plastic surgery speculation. There are plenty male celebrities with fierce image that buffeted with the speculation they got plastic surgery procedure. And for this wrestler that turned to actor like him, the plastic surgery kind of shocking because it sound feminine and coquettish. But do you really know what kind of surgery that been took by this man?

Dwayne Johnson Plastic Surgery

Dwayne Johnson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Dwayne Johnson plastic surgery before and after

By looking at Dwayne Johnson before and after plastic surgery, many then wonder does the procedure for his facial appearance and to makes him younger? But you got it wrong if guessing that his plastic surgery was focused on his facial area,. The fact is, his fact hasn’t touched yet with any plastic surgery procedure. There are no botox, facelift or rhinoplasty that can be seen from his face. So what then the kind of plastic surgery that been done by him? The plastic surgery that was conducted by The Rock must be focused on his body part. It seems that this man get the surgery to reshaped his body. And you will feel more shocked when knowing what kind of surgery that been done by him.

He got Gynecomastia correction or male breast lift

Yes, the Rock, the fierce one got the plastic surgery for the breast lift. I’m not kidding by saying that this man got the breast lift procedure done. But the procedure that latter known as Gynecomastia correction is common for men especially the athlete that built their body both with steroid or not. This is happen because there are too much fat deposit in his chest area. That why his chest seems like women with bigger looks and seems getting saggy too. Of course is want cool for him that why he then get the plastic surgery for male breast lift or Gynecomastia correction.

The Rock may get the liposuction too

It seems that the actor and wrestler get the liposuction too. It necessary due he should reshaped his body. But no one really knows whether he got the liposuction done except for the breast and chest part.

Dwayne Johnson then admitting it

Surprisingly, Dwayne Johnson admitting he got plastic surgery done. But of course it want for the aesthetic thing. He said “It was an aesthetic thing. I went in and showed the doctor, and he said, ‘Are you crazy?’ I was walking around with my shirt off all the time, so I had it done.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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