Elin Nordegren Plastic Surgery for Boob Job Procedure


What is the best revenge for your ex husband or partner? The best answer is by being prettier and sexier so they know that are they left behind. This Swedish former nanny, model and the ex-wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren did. Yes you can see that drastic changing from her appearance is the result from the plastic surgery. But one thing you should realize that she looks good and wonderful even though it was plastic surgery result. We know well that she was lucky woman who conquer Tiger Woods heart and having happy family with him. Tiger Woods is the rich golfer and she will get anything she want from him. Though in the end, she should admit that her ex husband has romantically linked with several women during their marriage life.

Elin Nordegren plastic surgery before and after

Everybody who paying their attention to Tiger Woods personal life must be familiar enough with Elin Nordegren. And of course when they compared her before and after picture, they will admit that this woman looks prettier, hotter and sexier after the surgery done. Of course we can denied that actually Elin Nordegren is a beautiful woman due she was starting her job as a model. If she not beautiful in the past, it’s impossible for Tiger Woods to fall for her. But we can say that after the surgery, this woman seems found herself more attractive and sexier which may makes many men then approach her.

Elin Nordegren getting sexier with breast implants

It seems that the breast implant is the possible procedure that makes this woman looks wonderful. The procedure that putting extra volume inside her chest is enough to makes this 35 years old woman looks wonderful and fascinating. We should say that the breast implant giving her reshaped body and it creating sexy looks more and more to her. She used to have small breast that makes her chest bit flat. But seeing her breast that looks bigger, we can say that she got some CC’s silicone or saline into her breast area.

She seeks for revenge through plastic surgery

Many people said this woman seeking revenge to her ex husband through plastic surgery. Its true that Tiger Woods has been cheated to sexier women when they still married. That why after divorcing her, Elin Nordegren tries ti enhanced her looks as you can see today. She do it nicely and she got the best revenge ever. She looks so great and sexier so its easy for her to get any men she want.

What then Elin Nordegren response?

Until now, this woman remain silent whenever asked about her plastic surgery speculation for the breast implants. But people even wonder about Tiger Woods opinion when seeing that her ex wife looks hotter after they separated.

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