Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before & After


Knowing beautiful celebrity, the thought is related to Ellen DeGeneres directly. She is indeed the pretty woman who interests the public. Her awards are much got because of her god talent especially in entertainment field. Ellen DeGeneres is indeed the popular actress. It’s not odd if rumors are much given for her. Plastic surgery is also called as her way that help her to change some parts on her body.

Nose Job

The other rumor is about Ellen’s nose job. When she is compared between her photos in before and after photo, she is indeed different. In before, she has already had the good nose because of her genes but on her after photo, her nose looks better than before. The difference looks from the nose’s bone. It seems upper than before. Undergoing the knife is indeed able to change the significant change on the part of the subject. Nevertheless, the result of the surgery will appear clearly because it doesn’t seem as the natural change.

Botox Injection

Botox injection is guessed as her plastic surgery. It is caused by existing of her change on her face. Her face is still taut although she has old age. Actually, the women in her age exactly will look having the wrinkles on her face but it doesn’t occur on her face. It can be seen at her some photos which shows her skin.


Beside being guessed doing the botox injection, she is predicted having the eyelift to change the shape of her eyes. Her eyes in before photo discloses the bag under her eyes. But, after some time, her bags under her eyes lose. Eyelift is predicted help her to repatriate her normal eyes. This surgery is indeed used to reduce the bag under the eyes so whoever does this surgery, her or his bag lose fast.

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