Emily Browning Plastic Surgery Before & After


Some women never realize that they are beautiful enough to be mature and older, just like Australian film actress and singer Emily Browning case. By looking at her appearance, everybody must be agree that she is beautiful woman and not need any surgery to enhance her looks. This Australian actress who was born on 7 December 1988 is also too young to put herself on surgery table just to enhance her appearance. And everybody will said that plastic surgery is unnecessary thing for her. We can see many celebs who beautiful enough and naturally but then botched their face through plastic surgery procedure. And do you think this woman who rise to stardom for her portrayal of Violet Baudelaire in the comedy film Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events need plastic surgery? The answer is really no.

Emily Browning plastic surgery before and after

But by looking at Emily Browning before and after plastic surgery picture, many people then accused this young woman got the physical enhancement through plastic surgery procedure. Her appearance a little bit changed and not same as we can see since her first debut in entertainment industry. Though she still looks beautiful, but plastic surgery is really big NO for her. But some people also said that her changing looks is not the result from plastic surgery. She just grew up and it giving her that mature looks as you can see today.

Did Emily Browning really get boob and nose job procedure?

The first speculation about her changing appearance is the actress may put herself under surgery knife for breast implant and nose job procedure. Her before and after revealed to public that something has changed from her nose. Her nose looks smaller, slimmer, thinner with defined looks than before. The subtle changing from her nose showing us the indication that it wasn’t nasal reconstruction and she just refined her nasal area. Beside nose job procedure, the actress is also accused having breast implant procedure. Her chest that looks more cramped and plumped triggering speculation she got the breast implant done. But not few also claimed that she gut grew up and that big breast is natural.

She may got cheek implant too

The actress also rumored having cheek implant procedure. Her cheek bone that looks higher than before strengthens the speculation she got this kind of procedure. It makes her face looks this and narrow than before.

What does Emily Browning response?

Through her facebook account, Emily Browning denied she got plastic surgery especially cheek implant and it just makeup only. She wrote “No, I did not get check bone implants. It’s called makeup. I would never get any type of plastic surgery done. Just to clear up that rumor.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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