Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before & After


Emily Mallory Procter was best known when playing Calleigh Duquesne in the CBS police drama CSI: Miami which ran for 10 seasons from 23 September 2002 to 8 April 2012. She also played as Ainsley Hayes in the NBC political drama The West Wing in 2006 and as Amanda Callaway in the USA Network crime drama White Collar. Procter was born in the US on 8 October 1968, this year she has turned 46. What has been attracting media attention these days is not her acting career, but the appearance which seems weird with plastic look.

It was noticeable that she underwent some types of surgical procedures like Botox, dermal fillers in cheeks and lips, eyelid, and breast augmentation. Her face skin seems very smooth, tight, and youthful. Her forehead looks frozen and wrinkle-free, too shiny, and too sleek. The usage of Botox is obviously done on her. Her face appears too puffy and it doesn’t seem natural, it can be seen through the way she smiles or laughs. Her newly enhanced luscious and plump lips are the result of the dermal fillers that was injected into it. Her breasts look noticeably rounder and larger than it used to be, it was suspected as the result of breast implants, but some claimed it was naturally shaped due to pregnancy. Her bust looks somewhat too tight. Earlier she had smaller cup size but then she went to much larger cup.

She never appeared to confirm any rumor while some people are even sure that the changes of her appearance have made her more plastic than human. What do you think? Has she altered too much through plastic surgery?

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