Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before & After


For those of you who loved the actress Emma Stone may disappointed if you heard that she is not natural beauty. Everybody can not denied that she is beautiful actress, her beauty makes many women envy to her. But, as a human, it seems that she is not satisfy with some parts of her body. And the nose is the answer, as everybody knows, she used to bulbous and wide nose. And it may makes her thinking about how to changes this wide nose. The plastic surgery is her choice to refined her nose shape. Before we discuss about her plastic surgery procedures, it is not wrong if we know her well first.

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery for Nose Job

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery for Nose Job

Emma Stone was debut to be an actress in 2007, after acted in several movies and series, she recognized by public widely when she acted in a comedy musical Easy A. Then, she acted in many famous movie like Amazing Spiderman, The Help and many more. Now, she becomes a famous actress and many people loved her so much. No wonder, if there are changes on her face, some people will know it.

If you are a die hard fans of her, you will notice that her nose looks different than before. No wonder, many people said that she had rhinoplasty procedure or well known as a nose job procedure. The nose job makes her nose looks better than before. It looks slimmer and thinner. And of course, it is very match with her face. Then, many people claimed that she had successful plastic surgery especially for the nose job procedure. After she did rhinoplasty, it is impossible if it does not invited controversial statements from people. Some people said that her appearance now is more beautiful than before. But some people also said that they like Emma Stone used to.

Besides nose job procedure, there is rumor told that she had lip augmentation procedure. It can be seen from her lips which is thicker and fuller than before. Her lips looks unnatural too, if you compare her old and recent picture, you will know the truth definitely. How do you think guys?

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