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Eva Jacqueline Longoria will turn 40 next year, but we can witness that her facial skin still looks smooth and we will hardly find any aging signs like wrinkles and crow’s feet lines. It is quite sure that the rumor about her having done some surgical works to enhance her appearance is true.

Eva’s fame began rising when playing role in Desperate Housewives. The lady who was born on 15 March 1975 recently reported that she has received some works done through surgeons’ knife such as rhinoplasty, breast implants, lip fillers, and dermal fillers like Botox. Her nose is one of the obvious changes that happened to her appearance; it now looks more defined with a narrowed nasal bridge and thinner tip. It looks smaller and her nose cartilage is very much redefined which can only be done through plastic surgery. The next thing which is recognizable is the increased size of her breast, from A to C cup size. It is speculated that breast implants had taken control. The plumper and fuller look on her lips was also suspected as the result of lip fillers, because it has obviously changed from the previous form. As a 40 year old, it is quite weird if we hardly find any aging signs like wrinkles or crow’s feet lines on Eva Longoria’s face. It still looks smooth and flawless. This is why Botox has been one of the speculations.

After being accused that she had gone under the knife to gain all of the obvious alternations, she hasn’t given any official statement whether all the rumors were true. She ever mentioned that she is afraid of needle so it wouldn’t possible for her to do any surgical procedures. “It’s not that I’m against people who do it, but I’m terrified of needles. I’ve seen those shows with the operations, thank you. Egg white omelets, some exercise and some eyes cream are fine for now.” She once admitted to have rhinoplasty once prior to her wedding, but she doesn’t want to have it for more.

A famous Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, commented on the possibility of cosmetic surgery that Eva has ever done. He said, “It does appear that Eva Longoria did get a breast augmentation. She did choose relatively small implants taking her from about a small ‘A’ cup to ‘C’ cup. It is a great size for her and compliments her very petite frame perfectly.”

Well, whether it is true that Eva Longoria has ever undergone plastic surgery or not, she is looking very gorgeous anyway, congratulations for her and the doctor for sure!

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