Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before & After


Gerald Posner was looking scary, it was a statement that many people said in one of forums in internet recently. Some other people also said that he looks so plastic. This journalist and author appear with plastic face, it seems that he overdo plastic surgery procedure. As for your information, Gerald Posner is a famous book author, he has been created about 12 books including the famous book entitle Case Closed.

As a famous author, the appearance is an important thing that he should maintain. No wonder, in his 61 years old, he wanted to look younger than her real age, at least he wanted to looks always fresh in the front of public. But, it seems that he made a mistake in maintained his appearance. He overdo plastic surgery procedures especially for botox injection. Let’s we discuss it more detail.

As every body knows, Gerald Posner is no young anymore, his age is 61 years old. But as you can see at his current appearance, he looks younger than his real age, but it looks so unnatural. Many people claimed that he did too much botox treatments. So the result is very bad, he looks so plastic and unnatural. The botox also make his face looks swollen, so it is not surprising if many people said that he had bad plastic surgery procedure. What do you think guys?

Plastic surgery effect others:

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