Gerri Willis Plastic Surgery Before & After


One thing you can say about Gerri Willis appearance is when she gets many benefits from plastic surgery. Her case open our eyes that not every plastic surgery is destructive and leaving botched face for someone. She is the good example that sometimes, you are feeling lucky because plastic surgery give you many benefit and advantages. Its true that even the actress may gets the plastic surgery, we can see that she is definitely young. It’s obvious to see that she is getting older now. But what happen to her is what you can called as aging gracefully. And thanks to plastic surgery that give her a little help to get that glory in her 56 years old.

Gerri Willis plastic surgery before and after

Through her before and after, we can say that actually this woman is blessed with nature beauty. Herr face is really beautiful and she looks good since her young age. From the first time appeared in front of camera, she has named as one of the most beautiful television personality. And though she is getting older, she is remain the same. Her before and after picture tells you that she hasn’t changed too much. Her before and after also shows us that her good genes has been touched by plastic surgery to makes it getting wonderful and sparked more. But seems that this news journalist is able to refrain herself to not playing too hard with plastic surgery. That why her before and after picture that shows us she is still aging gracefully and embrace the aging willingly.

Facelift and botox for Gerri Willis

It seems her face that remain attractive till today is the help from the plastic surgery for the botox injection and facelift done. Let’s say that the botox that was injected into glabellas areas makes her eyebrow bit lifted. But it also help to relaxed the frown that was appeared there. Not only that, the botox also help her to makes the facial skin looks smooth and still elastic. It seems that even she got the botox injection, but it still in very normal dosage. And once again, beside botox, she may gets the facelift procedure too. It because for the woman in her age, we can’t see any saggy skin especially under the chin area. It then lead the speculation that this woman also took facelift as the procedure to fight against aging.

Eyelid surgery also gives her much benefit

Gerri Willis may also gets some benefit from eyelid surgery procedure too. Her face that looks fresh till today is because she doesn’t have any baggy skin under her eyes. Lets say thanks to plastic surgery that giving her that attractive and beautiful looks. The eyelid surgery helps her removed saggy skin under her eyes and makes her face looks so fresh and fascinating.

Gerri Willis is aging gracefully

We can say that Gerri Willis is aging gracefully now. It because she still having that natural looks of her and her face not frozen at all. If we are looking closer to her, that smooth lines still noticed there. It is the sign that even she need to looks attractive everyday, she doesn’t pushes herself too hard to get the youthful looks through plastic surgery.

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