Gigi Hadid Plastic Surgery Focuses on her Weakness


Gigi Hadid is a professional model. Since she is a public figure, she always becomes a center of the view. Any changes on her become a hot issue. It also happened to the rumor of Gigi Hadid Plastic Surgery. What is the difference between her looks today and before? She always wonders to her left boob which looks lower than the right. It makes her as a model get depressed,  especially when she has to wear uncovered outfit. Therefore, she focuses on repairing her left boob only rather than doing anything else to her body. About her face, she glads to have what she has today, so she has no idea to change anything in her face.

The rumor about Gigi Hadid plastic surgery has gone to her face and body parts. It is because of the real fact said that she has no wonder about her looks and body. She already has a thin body size and shape which made everybody gets envy. Even her sister is trying to have what she has today too. Is it true that Gigi Hadid did liposuction or fat removal? It is totally hoax and just a rumor. The fact is, she only does a tight diet which nobody could understand about it because of the diet program is very tight and will not give you any excuse to get full in your stomach.

Gigi Hadid plastic surgery is only focused on her weakness which is only to her boob. This is a good and wise thing she could do and I admit that she is wiser than another artist. She does not think to change the whole of her body only because of her thought of perfect. She does not want to be perfect and understand what she had today is already perfect. We still have to confirm whether she had plastic surgery or not to her boob because to manage the structure of it is can be done by treatment. Boob massage could be a good choice for it rather than plastic surgery.

Rumor said that Gigi Hadid plastic surgery is real. We do not know what the public said about it is true or not because the most public do not know about the procedure of plastic surgery, but claimed if every artist did plastic surgery after they saw the different appearance on her. Gigi Hadid was born to be a model, so she is already has a great body size and shape which does not need to be repaired. It is already perfect and what we saw today is the real of her.

We may not claim as we know about Gigi Hadid because of her rumor of plastic surgery. Even if it is true, at least we know and respect to her decision on changing only a part of her body. It is only for her left boob. She did not do anything else to her body and face. Now, it makes the whole artists open their eyes that the effect of makeup could make a good shape and change to Gigi Hadid’s face. It means we do not need plastic surgery at all. However, some people may think that to apply makeup anytime is the complicated thing to do so that it is better to change the face and body shape and size permanently. What do you think about this statement? Do you agree with it?

I appreciate Gigi had plastic surgery decision. I understand that it is to support her job only and she does not get the high ambition to be perfect or worry to kick from modeling industry. Just stay to keep her weight in stable amount, she does not need to worry about anything else. Plastic surgery effect and procedure is different from one person to another person. We have to know the immune system of everybody too. Doctors will take a lot of preparation for it and the result also takes a time. After the plastic surgery has finished, doctors will suggest the patient avoid some things first and get the requirement if it is needed. Therefore, there are not all people could do and obey it. Some people will think they healthy enough and underestimate the doctor suggestion. It gives a fatal effect on the future.

Knowing more about plastic surgery makes us think twice about it. It also makes many people open their eyes on this thing. People may come and go to this procedure, but the afraid and anxiety feeling will always come every day. Being perfect is not a must thing to do because a perfection never ends. When someone said your eyes too big and you make it smaller, there will be another person who said that it is too small and you are better to have big eyes. Therefore, will you satisfy the whole of people argument? Artists need to have fans, of course, but the real fans will not criticize their idol.

Gigi Hadid is just one of many artists who chooses to have a side of plastic surgery. If we want to know the artist with no plastic surgery, we must be found it someday. Do not generalize in your mind that the whole artists have ever been doing plastic surgery because the younger artists are well educated and know the high risk of this procedure. Knowing more comments about plastic surgery procedure and result, including the risk will help you to notice who is the artist with the real plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is full of pain, when everything starts in pain and usually ends happily, it does not happen to plastic surgery procedure. How do you know about it? check the list of artist who gets the failed plastic surgery. Check it out! even they can die too because of this procedure. Most artist who gets the failed plastic surgery effect is they are who already in her elderly stage. The result of their previous plastic surgery is clearly seen and showed very clear.

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