Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery Before & After


How to cut your age from 90s to 60s? Let’s ask Gloria Vanderbilt plastic surgery that makes her looks like woman in 60s. Yes by looking at her appearance, you won’t believe that this woman who a member of the Vanderbilt family of New York age is reached the head of 90 years old. This American artist, author, actress, heiress and socialite, noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans was born on February 20, 1924. So its true that her age today is already 90 years old. But yes we should admit that her appearance looks like woman in 60s. Of course she can’t looks younger because its impossible for her to looks like woman in 30s. Of course not except she is vampire though.

Gloria Vanderbilt plastic surgery before and after

By observing her face, you know that the plastic surgery is kind of magic especially for those who have much money. We know that this woman came from the rich family so its easy for her to spent her money to looks young and good even until this day. And it seems that the plastic surgery give her wonderful looks as you can see obviously through her before and after picture. It shows us that the surgery giving so much benefit by making her face looks younger as you can see today. But not few also said that this woman is also bit obsessed to plastic surgery and relied too much for it.

The combination of facelift and botox for Gloria Vanderbilt

The obsession for plastic surgery can be seen from the number of procedure she has took. To make her younger, the combination of botox and facelift is the most possible one here. Her face looks toned and not saggy even though her age is 90s. We cant barely seen the lines and wrinkles from her face. Though it bit stiffed and rigid, but the procedure is able to makes her face younger and removed plenty visible aging there.

Eyelid surgery for Gloria Vanderbilt

Those procedure then combined with the eyelid surgery too. Yes its unnatural for woman in 90s with fresh and smooth area under her eyes without any help from plastic surgery. And the eyelid surgery procedure is the most possible thing for her. It give her smooth area under her eyes as you can see right now.

Facial filler to makes her even younger

The other Gloria Vanderbilt plastic surgery procedure is the facial filler. The facial filler makes her younger yet having fresher face too. She doesn’t shows the sunken skin at all and her cheek is still there. It means that she may put the facial filler like Restylane and Juvederm to give her fuller face that give her a look like woman in 30s.

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