Heidi Fleiss Plastic Surgery Before & After


Heidi Fleiss used to be a beautiful woman, but if you see her appearance today, you will surprised with her awful appearance. As everybody knows, Heidi Fleiss used to be American madam, even she often referred as a Hollywood madam. Her age is not young anymore, this years, her age will reach 50 years old. And of course her appearance changes time to time. But many people regret with her current appearance now, she looks so awful and so plastics, it was caused by numerous plastic surgery procedures that she did.

So, what kinds of procedures?

Based on trusted sources, Heidi Fleiss has several plastic surgery procedures such as lip augmentation, fillers injection, botox, browlift, nose job, facelift, necklift and chin implants. It means that she did almost all plastic surgery procedures. Unfortunately, the result is not running well on her face and her body. Her face looks worst than she used to. As you can see at her before and after picture, the before picture shows us that she used to be a beautiful and attractive woman, her appearance used to natural. But now, her appearance looks so awful and she looks so old, she looks like a woman 60 years old.

Many people consider that the causes that makes Heidi Fleiss looks bad are botox, lip augmentation, browlift and chin implants procedure. It seems that she did too much botox treatments, so the result is very bad, she looks so plastic. For the browlift, it seems that she overdo in raising her brow. It makes her appearance looks awful and unnatural. The chin implants also makes her appearance looks worst. As you can see at her lips, it looks like she had a very thick lip and it looks unnatural. Some experts also give their opinion about Heidi Fleiss bad plastic surgery. Dr. Paul S. Nassif told that the rhinoplasty, endoscopic browlift, and check implants make her face looks more elongated than the normally woman had. So, what do you think guys?

Plastic surgery effect others:

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