Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Before & After


Who knows that Iggy Azalea also gets rumor about plastic surgery? It’s not odd because some changes of her performance looks clearly. She is indeed popular. She is beautiful, sexy, and ideal. She always looks perfect in front of the public. Her popularity may become her reason to make her always repair her appearance. Who doesn’t know about her? She is an Australian who is the female rapper. She is appeal because of her beauty. What do you think when you see her change between herself in before and after? Do you believe about her rumor? You can judge it by yourself when you compare herself.

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Before & After Lip Augmentation

Breast Implants

The change of Iggy’s eyes looking seems on her boob. She is like get breast implant to change her boob. It can be seen from her appearance especially her boob, on before and after photo. Certainly, the change result her boob bigger than before. This surgery is success because now, her body is indeed sexier because of her boobs. Exactly, getting the ideal body can become her reason to remain enticed her fans or public always like her. The size of her boob when she wears the tight cloth showing her change. Costumes worn by her surely gives answer about her surgery’s truth. What’s ever when she is compared to herself when she was teenager. Her boobs can be said flat. Now, she has the big size enough for her bra, it s about 32B

Lips Injection

In addition, the change of her looking appears on her lips. Certainly, the change seems from her photos compared. When she was teenager and in younger age, her lips was usual. But, now, she has sexy lips which is thicker than before. She is predicted doing the lip injection to change her lips better. Nevertheless some guesses are judged to her, the fans are not influenced to avoid her because she indeed the inner beauty to interest every people to like her.

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