Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery Before & After


Isabelle Yasmina Adjani is a five-time César Award winner and two-time Academy Award nominee. Born in Paris, France on 27 June 1955, Isabelle gained further fame in 1975 for her lauded performance as Adele Hugo in The Story of Adele H. That was her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, making her the youngest nominee ever at the time. She has been quite open to share her experience through whatever that will make her look younger, from Botox injections to hyaluronic acid. “I am a follower of hyaluronic acid–always in small doses of course–to fill wrinkles and fine lines.” As the result, she indeed looks fresh and healthy. She didn’t overdone the works and always carefully maintained the normal amount of the procedure.

Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery

Isabelle Adjani Plastic Surgery Before & After

The Botox grants her such a stunning look with tight and fresh facial skin. If she wished to have a younger look through this procedure, yes, she has had it already! Hyaluronic acid is a type of filler that she used to make her forehead appear youthful. I was injected into her forehead and functioned to remove wrinkles and lines around it. Isabelle is one of the best examples of plastic surgery. The most common reason for the celebrity plastic surgery failure is the abusing of the usage. It means, when firstly undergoing the plastic surgery gives them sort of satisfaction, they will kind of addict to have the second, third, or even more. And at last, it would end up failing, like Michael Jackson.

In terms of Isabelle Adjani, we should appreciate her wise decision to take the simplicity by not having the excessive amount of the procedures. As the result, everything she has done really suits her well!

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