Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Before & After


Some actresses got their luck in Hollywood after leaving their home country to pursue their dreaming as an actress. One of them is this English actress, Jaime Murray who getting famous when she was moved to Hollywood. Yes this beautiful woman getting famous through her role as Lila West in season two of the Showtime television series Dexter. Beside quite famous through her brilliant acting, Jaime Murray also known with the fact that her face is changing probably because of plastic surgery. Many claimed that plastic surgery has changed Jaime Murray “British” looks too look like more “Hollywood” right now.

Jaime Murray plastic surgery before and after

Whenever looking at Jaime Murray plastic surgery before and after, we can’t say that the procedure makes her looks bad. Honestly she is still stunning though the traces of plastic surgery is obviously seen on her face. But the thing that put her as the plastic surgery discussion is the fact that she has changed now. Of course the changed looks on her face isn’t the bad one. But she looks like more Americans now due conducting several plastic surgery procedure. And well it makes many people then said she doesn’t need any surgery at all moreover until she changed drastically.

Lip augmentation and nose job for Jaime Murray

It seems that the actress has created that sexier lip with the help of plastic surgery. Well judging from her before and after picture, she used to have thin lip as we can see since her first debut then. But as the time passed by, her lip looks fuller and plumped now. That lip getting bit bigger and juicy with thicker looks that strengthens the indication of lip enhancement done. She may get the restylane and juvederm to add extra volume into her lip. Beside that lip, her perfect nose then makes people assumed it as the plastic surgery result. It because she used to have bigger nose with wider ala that changed to something pinched and cramped now.

She looks changed because of botox

Many people then blaming botox as the procedure that makes Jaime Murray looks changed drastically. Yes its true that the procedure giving her flawless and toned facial skin. But she looks so fake though that pretty looks still left there. Her skin looks so rigid and tighter than before yet she seems unable to create an expression.

Jaime Murray plastic surgery denial

When asked about plastic surgery speculation, Jaime Murray abruptly denied it by saying that she is natural . Jaime Murray said “Oh no! I think that as an actor you should retain your individuality, so I don’t think it’s a good look. I’m happy with who I am.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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