Jeremy Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After


Its true that there are so much male celebrities who botched their face through plastic surgery. And unfortunately this American actor and singer, best known for his role as Hobie Buchannon on the television show Baywatch, Jeremy Jackson make the list of male celebrity who ruined their face through plastic surgery getting longer. Its true that this man used to very handsome. Some even claimed that he has good genes that giving him good looking and cool appearance. But well we don’t know the reason why he got the surgery done. Its likely that this actor also have his own fear to getting older though his age is still 34 years old.

Jeremy Jackson plastic surgery before and after

By comparing plastic surgery before and after, many people say that plastic surgery is really unnecessary thing for him. Seriously for every men, 34 years is still so young to enhanced their looks through plastic surgery. But of course by comparing Jeremy Jackson plastic surgery before and after, we know that he already conducted the facial enhancement done. Unfortunately, many people said that his face looks not too good with the surgery. He is better without any surgery procedure. But of course not few also claimed that he is still looking good though the traces of surgery obviously seen on his face.

Rhinoplasty done for Jeremy Jackson

By observing before and after picture, many agreed that this man has had the surgery for the rhinoplasty or nose job procedure done. His nose is obviously changing and he cant hide it. He used to having bulbous nose with big nasal cartilage and less straighter nasal bridge. But as he getting older, the plastic surgery seems changed that nasal shape. His nose looks changing with straighter and defined looks than before. The nasal cartilage seems cramped with smaller nostril and pointed tip too.

He may get the lesser treatment too

Some expert said that Jeremy Jackson may got regular lesser treatment too. The aim of this procedure is to smoothed the pores on his face. It giving him smooth facial skin though sometimes it also left the famines looks too on his face. Laser treatment like Fraxel or CoolFX seems the most possible procedure that was appeared on his face.

The expert say about Jeremy Jackson plastic surgery

Many expert claimed that the thing that ruined Jeremy Jackson face a bit is his nose that went wrong. As Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia say ““Jeremy Jackson seems to have had a ton of work. His nose job(s) was (were) pretty radical decreasing its size a great deal. He may have also had a chin implant/advancement and/or mid face implant/advancement as the shape of his face looks very changed to me. Maybe a bit too much for my tastes but it may be what he wanted. This is very subjective.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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