Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery Before & After


Recently, the famous comedian and host Jimmy Fallon looks strange in his appearance. Some people said that he looks too tired because of his job. But, some other people said that there is something weird on her face area. As everybody knows, after he hosted Tonight Show in 2014. His name being one of the most famous hosts in United States. No wonder, he then being a public attention and his fans are much larger and bigger than before. So, if there is something weird on his appearance, they will talk in social medias etc.

In this years, his age will reach 41 years old, but as you can see at his appearance. He still look so fresh and young, his energetic behavior also shows us that he wanted to said that he still young. But, if you compare her past and current picture, you will surprise when you see that there are no changes on her face. It means that he is not aging, he looks same over years. No wonder, some of his fans talked about plastic surgery that may done by him. The most possible plastic surgery procedure that he did is botox treatments.

As you can not see wrinkles or signs of aging on his face, the botox treatment or procedure is the only way to do it. As you can see at his appearance, he looks not using botox, he may do the botox treatments in small amounts. So, he still looks natural, what do you think guys?