JK Rowling Plastic Surgery Before & After


Of course its not magic or expecto patronum that makes Jk Rowling looks younger in her recent age. Seriously her youthful looks isn’t the result of the swing wand on her face. Its obvious that this British novelist best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series, got the benefit from plastic surgery. it seems that this woman whose real name is Joanne “Jo” Rowling found the magical in the plastic surgery procedure. As you can see she looks so good and stunning though still the plastic surgery traces is left there. We should admit that her younger looks makes us wonder does she really go to find Professor Snape to get youthful spell?

JK Rowling Plastic Surgery

JK Rowling Plastic Surgery Before & After

JK Rowling plastic surgery before and after

Looking at JK Rowling plastic surgery before and after, we can say that this woman get so much benefit from it. Of course people started to compared her life before and after famous too. They say that before the surgery she looks ‘freckled beach ball’. But now after she is getting famous, she transformed to elegance, beautiful lady with a lot of money. Yes it’s true that she received about $1,000,000 every two days. No wonder with that big amount of money, it’s easy for her to transform her life. That why spent some money to surgery isn’t something matter for her.

JK Rowling and facelift benefits

JK Rowling is one of public figure who really looking good with the benefit from facelift. Some women said that they too facelift because it giving them primer result. It means that for a while, they not need any procedure to get another cosmetics surgery. But some of them then trying so hard by repeated the surgery procedure that give them awful looks. But it seems different at JK Rowling result. We can say that she is kind of smart woman because could herself from overdoing facelift. No wonder her face look brighter, flawless and smooth though it bit frozen too.

Her vibrant looks also came from the eyelid surgery

Its true that this woman looks more amazing and stunning today. Many then suggest that she should says thanks to eyelid surgery that giving her another benefit beside the facelift procedure. The eyelid surgery removed baggy and fatty skin under her eyes creating youthful and fresher looks on her face. Overall, the eyelid surgery giving her that kind of youthful appearance. And now we know that she doesn’t meet Severus Snape asking for the youthful spell because her youthful looks comes from plastic surgery.

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