Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo


Joanna Krupa, a Polish-American model who had been twice appearing on Playboy magazine cover, reported had given in her genuine look under surgeon’s knife. This becomes understandable when we look closer into modeling world where physical appearance is put above all things. Plastic surgery is one of many methods that has been taken by fashion figures to keep existing on this kind on industry. Joanna herself admitted that she had many benefits from plastic surgery. She changed some parts of her body instead of letting them experience natural process evolved within her. And VoilĂ ! We can see now how that breathtaking look sticks gracefully on her skin. The good news is the surgeries didn’t alter much from her natural appearance.

She successfully avoided her premature aging indicators through non-invasive botox procedure to make her face smooth, flawless, and toned. We can see her forehead and witness that it was free of the usual wrinkle expected of woman her age. She also confirmed the rhinoplasty or nose job speculation and told that she had her nose chiseled out with juvederm. Evidenced by her recent photographs, compared with the old ones, we can see how pinched and pointed her nose is. It is also reported that she had done breast implant which makes it look much bigger and tougher compared to her pre-debut. The breast had already been through several changes before it became like how it’s seen today. She once did an enlargement process which caused the oversized appearance of her breast didn’t look proportional. Realizing this situation, she did the reduction of the size which later fittanded properly on her body.

Joanna, like many other celebrities, has openly shared about a number of surgeries she has had. She admitted two breast procedures and other invasive procedures. By looking at the overall result, we can tell that her surgical procedures are exceptionally done.

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