Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Before & After


Who said that politician cant fall to plastic surgery trap? And not only female politician that seem put their appearance in surgery hand. This 47th and current Vice President of the United States, jointly elected twice with President Barack Obama and in office since 2009, Joe Bidden shows us the shocking reality. The number two most important person in USA may never said anything about plastic surgery. Of course there are more important thing to do and to talking to rather than the plastic surgery. Since he doesn’t want to say anything about it, so let us the ordinary person to talk the speculation that this man got physical enhancement through plastic surgery.

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Before & After

Joe Bidden plastic surgery before and after

Looking at Joe Bidden plastic surgery before and after, we now realize that even male politician also paying attention to their appearance. Of course it’s something undeniable since they have to face many people from time to time. But realizing the fact that the vice president America having plastic surgery is quite shocking. Bidden isn’t the only politician who got the physical enhancement through plastic surgery. Even First Lady Michelle Obama also rumored with the same thing too. And by observing Bidden before and after picture, seems that the politician is managed to keep his youthful looks. Seem he is quite successful to makes his appearance younger and fresher with surgery.

Botox for Joe Bidden

It seem that the botox makes this 72 years old man younger and fresher. He looks good with smoother and fresher skin as you can see today. His forehead that bit elevated and lifted yet quite smooth too may the result he got the botox injection there. The surgery also makes the frown disappeared from that area. The nose job may also help him to removed crow’s feet and laugh lines which is makes our politician looks more fresher and full with spirit.

He got hair transplant too

Experiencing hair lost is a bad news for every man. And as the man whose age more than 70s, its normal for Joe Bidden to experiencing hair loss actually. This man may have experiencing hair loss since he is young. But today, his hair looks thicker and seem growing well on his head. It then strengthens that Joe Bidden plastic surgery is intended to return his hair back. He looks really good and seems that the hair transplant working well for Joe Bidden.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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