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American famous comedian, Joel Edward McHale, was born in Italy, November 20, 1971. His dedication on acting has brought him to have master degree of act in University of Washington. He seems like a kind of man who loves education, doesn’t he? When there’s not many of celebrities will concern about their education level, Joel McHale seems have different thought. Well, it is said that a good comedian usually have good education. Smart jokes required smart brain, right?

Working in front of public, have a show every day and the need of give the best performance both his skill and physical appearance, Joel McHale is also suspected to have undergo plastic surgery. Unlike women celebrities who mostly do breast implant, as an actor and presenter, Joel seems to concern more about his hair. Yes, hair style is also an important asset for a celebrity. It seems both Joel and his fans notice that imperfection of Joel’s hair and maybe that’s why Joel did something to make it better. Did he do hair transplant or did he use hair-grow medicine? Whatever he did, it’s just looks good on him, right?

People will have less dense hair as we’re growing older, that’s a natural symptoms. To make our hair keep dense with hair transplants is a choice. Joel McHale did take the choice. Did he feel inferior because of his hair? Well, anything could be extraordinary important for a celebrity, including their hair or even nails. As for Joel, his hair transplant seems work well for him. However, whatever kind of artificial effort to improve someone’s performance, it all shows an inferior feeling to something.

It is funny however, since Joel is a comedian and the surgery he did is just hair transplant. Isn’t it will be funnier to see him in bald head instead of perfect dense hair looks? Well, as Joel also has been actor for some films, maybe he just started to think how to improve his looks on the screen. His hair transplant however, has made him looks more handsome and manly, doesn’t it? Other than attract more films job, his new looks may attract more girls also. Have been nominated and even won many prestigious awards, Joel just need to keep his dedication and also his wit to keep his performance as one of American best television comedian. However, with his new look, it seems that he doesn’t want to seem funnier with less dense hair. The next question is..did he also do something with his jaws?

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