Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery Before & After


As everybody knows, Julianne Moore is known as a professional celebrity. Beside, she is indeed famous as the actress who became the characters in TV movies Money, Power, Murder, Cast as Deadly Spell, Tales from the Darkside, and Jurassic Park. She is the celebrity with many experiences in some fields. The woman who was born on December 3, 1960 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, U.S is rumored getting some surgeries on her body. Public may become confused about this issue because she has been beautiful and almost perfect but why she still needs surgery. When we compare herself in before and after photo, the curiosity about her changes may be able to be replied.


When she plays her characters in some films, her appearance is different between before and after film. Beside, in her photo, her difference also appears clearly. Her face is more tight than before. Because of her change, she is judged running the surgery on her chin by doing facelift. This surgery can change her face to be more oval. It shows new face shape on her face.


Julie’s face also seems younger than the woman in her age. The wrinkles doesn’t look on her face although she has got old age. Because now, she has been 55 years old. Certainly, for the other women, it is very majesty when their appearance doesn’t show their age. Botox injection is predicted being used to create the younger face on Julie’s appearance. Her face is very fresh. It is the success surgery. If she really runs the surgery, her face remains to show the natural performance. She becomes more beautiful and certainly more interesting. Yeah, she has much money, every treatment or change can be done by her to make her better in showing herself.

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