Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After


The natural glamor of Kate Jackson which was shown on her popular 1970s TV series, Charlie’s Angels was now only a remembrance. She has transformed to be 65 years old lady with scary and disproportionate look. Evidenced by her recent photographs, many surgical procedures had been overdone on her appearance. Let’s go into some details!

She had facelift procedure which made her face to tight, so stiff  and much elevated. It was excessively done and causing her hardly create natural expression on her face. I’m convinced that even though she could do so, it would be painful since the tightness leaves immobile or fixed condition to her facial skin. So is her brow. The outcome from her brow lift procedure brought a weird look on her face. It seems higher than it should be and unnaturally arched. The jaw line is also looking very sharp. You can’t find that look if she’s not taking any operation, I’m certain! An overdone lip fillers caused an asymmetrical smile as well, it’s horrible!

Rumor has it Kate wanted a complete package with regard to cosmetic therapy. She desperately desired all the procedures at once which require time and a strong face to sustain the impact of the change. After all, the result was gone too far. Very bad and keeps on getting worse. This unnatural look is a disaster for anyone who is expecting youthful look after surgical procedures. So this is necessary to consider very carefully before deciding on whom we will give in our natural appearance and what kind of process we will go through. Remember, regret comes when we are too late to go back.

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