Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before & After


It’s true that plastic surgery will give you so much benefit as long as you do it wisely. And please don’t take Katie Price plastic surgery as an example to enhanced her looks. We know well that this 36 years old English television personality and glamor model has botched her face through plastic surgery. Of course it wasn’t kind of bad mouthing rumor and gossip cause this woman admitting by herself has had the surgery done. And really instead of looking good with the plastic surgery, her surgery then called as horror story in Hollywood. It because instead looking good, the surgery makes this woman looks so awfully terrible.

Katie Price plastic surgery before and after

Really when you looking at her plastic surgery before and after, this woman not need anything to enhanced her looks. She is really beauty and pretty in the past and actually that enough to makes her beautiful till now. But it then changed when she was diagnose with body dysmorphia. It makes her paying attention too much to her body abnormally and never felt satisfied with her looks. That why she then doing anything to enhanced her looks through plastic surgery. Katie even admitting she has had surgery done since teenager and spent almost al of her salary to get the surgery.

Her fake body with breast implants

Dao you know that Katie Price has conducted almost 10 time breast reconstruction done? Yes and she admitting having about 10 time plastic surgery for the breast implant. She admitting having plastic surgery for the breast implant starting at very young age due she need to be a glamor model. And well as you can see today, her breast is really big and wider in the cleavage area. This woman self then admitting she doesn’t satisfied with every plastic surgery for breast implant and feel regretting about it.

Botox and rhinoplasty for Katie price

Looking at her face that looks bit weird and older for woman in 36, we know that she may got too much botox injection too. Her face looks so tight and rigid and seems that could burst anytime. Her forehead seems frozen with tighter facial skin that sometimes left painful looks on her. This woman also admitting she got rhinoplast or nose job procedure too. It help her to get reshaped nose that seems looks too small for her face and for normal nasal shape.

Katie Price regretting her plastic surgery

Beside admitting having plastic surgery, this woman then also regretting everything she has had done. She said that its inappropriate to using plastic surgery as the way-out to smoothed their career and she now against it. She said “I’m a fan of plastic surgery, but that’s obvious. I won’t share the list of what I’ve done because we’d be here all day, but if I was going to give advice to someone then it would be to research properly and be careful who you put your trust in. I wish I knew that when I was younger because I could’ve saved myself a lot of heartache and surgery.”

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