Katty Kay Plastic Surgery Before & After


Either good and bad are mostly people response when they are talking about Katty Kay plastic surgery. It looks good for this English journalist who was born on 14 November 1964 to looks so young in her 50s years old. Really when you are looking at her, you will thought that she is woman in 40s. But some people then said the plastic surgery not too good for her. It because the procedure makes this woman looks unnaturally young and yet her face is a little bit too tight too. Many then say that this woman is a little bit obsessed to plastic surgery. She pushed herself too hard to looks so young even her age is already 50. That many also said even she looks so young for the woman around her age, but that looks is a little bit far from normal and natural.

Katty Kay plastic surgery before and after

It seems that from the before and after picture, this journalist know well that she isn’t young woman anymore. That why by looking at her before and after, you barely seen the visible aging signs there. It seems that the before picture shows she looks younger having toned skin than the after one. But you will see that the after picture looks a little bit different and she seems wearing wax makes on her face. Not only that, some of her face looks bit changing too and people then blaming plastic surgery as the thing that makes this woman changed.

Katty Kay got botox injection done

It seems that too much botox is not good for your face. This woman shows you that too much botox, instead make her face looks younger, it also ruined her appearance a little bit too. That facial injection makes her face looks toned and rigid yet bit frozen too. Not only that, the procedure also makes her face bit frozen and she seems wearing a wax mask sometimes when spotted in front of camera.

She may gets eyelift surgery too

Lucky that the eyelift surgery makes this woman looks better. The eyelift surgery at least managed to remove the baggy skin under her eyes area. Not only that, by removing baggy skin from her eyes, she also appeared fresher. Though her face looks frozen, the eyes area that looks smooth seems very good on her.

Katty Kay may got facial filler too

To avoid sunken and saggy skin, this woman may got facial filler procedure too. Her cheek and chin that a little bit swollen may the visible sign she got the plastic surgery for the facial filler. It seems that the Restylane or Juvederm giving her that pulled looks on her. It seems Katty Kay plastic surgery both working well and bad for her appearance.

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