Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Before & After


Not only his ex wife Nicole Kidman, the thing about Keith Urban plastic surgery is also an interesting topic. Well we know that not only Keith and Nicole, a celebrity couple who both conducted plastic surgery procedure. Jolie-Pitt, Tom Cruise-Ketie Holmes are the other celebrity couple who also rumored having plastic surgery procedure. And now, we know that this Australian country music singer, songwriter, guitarist, entrepreneur and music competition judge also put himself under the knife to enhanced his appearance. His plastic surgery transformation even named as one of dramatic and shocking one. We don’t wonder the reason why this singer who was born in Whangarei, New Zealand , on 26 October 1967 put himself under the surgery knife cause he was good looking already actually. But some letter suppose that he got the surgery because of his wife doing the same thing too.

Keith Urban plastic surgery before and after

By comparing Keith Urban plastic surgery picture, you will noticed that there are too much changed there. It seems that the singer also fell insecure about his appearance even he is a man. Some then say that he got the surgery because realizing that Nicole Kidman is also beautiful woman who need a good looking partner too. No matter the reason is, seems that his before and after picture reveled that his shocking transformation. The singer seems trying so hard to keep his youthful looks. No wonder then the surgery was focused for his skin rejuvenated especially for the facial area.

Botox injection for Keith Urban plastic surgery

First of all, we can say that the singer also get the botox injection just like his ex wife do. By comparing his before and after picture, you will noticed that this man having what you can called as rigid forhead. The visible aging sign has been removed from his face and makes him ten years younger than his appearance. But you will also noticed that this man looks too unnatural for men in his 47 years old men due the botox injection that was injected into glabellas area.

Just like his ex wife, facelift is also Keith Urban plastic surgery

Its true that his ex wife, Nicole Kidman rumored having facelift procedure too. The procedure that seems botched her face a bit. Just like his ex wife did, this man seems also combined his botox procedure with the facelift too. The facelift procedure makes his face free from hard line or any visible aging sign. It looks smooth and toned thought bit a frozen too sometimes. For some reason, we will say that he is much better without any facelift done.

Keith Urban plastic surgery, rumor or fact?

It is hard to denied or say not for the speculation about Keith Urban plastic surgery. I seems like everything that can be seen on his face shows us the effects of plastic surgery. When talking about plastic surgery, people have their own opinion. Some said he looks better and younger with it, the other party said he is looks unnatural and having feminine looks right now.

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